Dan Beard Merit Badge Challenge 2019

Below are some examples of what you can do for your final project. I’ve seen some really good storyboards, and some that lack imagination. Remember, you need to complete the requirements of 3 to earn the badge. Together will will have done everything for 1, 2, 4, and 5. That means all you have to do is get your animation created and show the 2 techniques, and you will have completed the merit badge/

Requirement 3a : Plan your animation using thumbnail sketches and/or layout drawings.

For this requirement, you need to create a storyboard and share that with me so I understand the animation you are creating. Here are some example images of storyboards.

The key is in showing me the key parts of your animation. How well they are drawn doesn’t matter.

The 2 other requirements are to tell me what 2 principles of Animation you are going to demonstrate, and how you are going to create your animation. For more information on the 12 principles of Animation we have discussed, please see the videos located on YouTube by clicking the picture.

12 Principles of Animation

The medium is how you are going to create your animation. It could be a flipbook, stop motion animation, cell, anything you want. The important thing is to be comfortable with how you are creating your images. Learning a new software program is going to slow you down. Better would be to use something you already know. Flipbooks are a very simple way to work, but they do take a lot of time to draw.

Here is a video on how to make a flipbook.

Requirement 3b : Create the animation.

This is going to take a lot of time. Be reasonable on how much you are going to animation. It should be a short 3-6 second portion of your story. The more images you create, the slower the action. The fewer images you make, the faster it will go. At 24 pictures a second, your flipbook should be about 100 images or more. Yes, that is a lot of images. That is why you should keep them simple. Look at the flipbook link above. It will teach you how to make one.

There is software out there that can take a lot of pictures and make a movie. These are great when creating a stop motion animation. You can also take pictures of each page in your flipbook and make a movie out of it.

You can also take pictures of each page in your flipbook and make a movie out of it. I can’t really offer much help in the creation of your movie. Whatever you do though, you need to be able to email it to me or bring it to class. I need to see it so I can review it. If you did it on a gaming device or phone, bring that with you just in case. You always want to have a backup of the work you have done. Nothing is worse than working a long time on a project only have it disappear or fail because of a technical problem.

Requirement 3c : Share your animations with your counselor. Explain how you created each one, and discuss any improvements that could be made.

On our last day, we will be reviewing the animations. If you are done, then I’ll see if it meets the requirements, and if so, I’ll sign your blue merit badge card so you can take it and get your merit badge.

If you are not done, we can continue working together over email and once you have finished the project, I can email your blue card to you. If you just want a partial for the merit badge, let me know and I’ll sign it that way and give it to you at the end of class.